Hard Surfaces

An attractive floor is the calling card for your house or company.

It is important to endow floors with a protective layer so as to limit any damage resulting from use. The removal of previous protective layers (dissolving) is necessary so that the sub-base does not have any dirtiness and previous protective layers ingrained. Dissolving ensures the creation of a perfect sub-base (adherence) for the new finish to be applied. We only use high-quality waxes from renowned suppliers.

The various types of finishes for hard floors with treatment options include:

One of the most used floor tile in the Algarve is the ‘Santa Catarina’. It is a beautiful rustic tile, but also one that should be treated correctly because it is porous, easily absorbing dirt. This type of floor is treated with a sealer, which fills up the pores, and finished with a shine or matte wax with UV protection. Another possibility is treatment with an oil-based product.

Working System:
First intensive cleaning (removing of cement/ paint spots etc.);
Industrial cleaning with proffesional machines;
Impregnation with sealer;
Finishing with matte or shine polymeer or oil based products.

p.ex., Marmore / Granite / Moulianes

The wet look on marble floors is achieved with a process called ‘cristalising”.

A special product is applied on the floor, after which it is treated with a ultra high-speed machine. The product removes the first, scratched layer of the stone and, with high speed, is applied again. The marble looks like new.

Depending on the wishes of the client, the marble flooring can be made half-shine or given the complete wet look.

Advantages of the cristalising progress is that it makes no mess and your house stays clean and the treatment need no drying tome there is immediate access.

Wood is a natural product. So, your wooden floor is subject to alterations, for example owing to temperature variations and the type of maintenance.

For a wooden floor to keep its natural appearance, we treat it with a nutritive emulsion which also affords it sufficient protection.

Owing to the differences in structure, the final result of the treatment methods may vary for each kind of wood.

Our treatment method consists of:
– Pre-treatment, varying from light sanding to complete sanding.
– Application of various layers of wax, oil or lacquer depending on the wishes of the client.