High-pressure steam cleaner

Tiles, concrete, plaster/gypsum, graffiti, façades.
This high-pressure steam cleaner allows a wide range of cleaning works to be carried out at low pressure (30 bar) and with steam of up to 175 degrees Celsius without damaging the (porous) surface.
The versatility of this method makes chemicals virtually redundant.

Types of dirt:
» Atmospheric deposit/dirt
» Soot deposit
» Fungus and algae
» Graffiti
» Chewing gum
» Plaster/gypsum/paint

» Stone façades of buildings
» Terraces
» Concrete (in slabs) and Blinding concrete (in slabs)
» Plastic flooring (epoxy, acrylate and polyurethane)
» Steel sheet pilings and roofs
» Steel grilles, containers
» Kitchens
» Sanitary units